Sunday, September 19, 2010

Team Rider: Kylen Yamakawa

Team Drift's Kylen Yamakawa is back from his recent ankle injury. He broke his ankle in May, but is back in the water and competing again. Last weekend was his first contest since the injury at Lahaina, /Maui for NSSA, placing 2nd. This Saturday he won the HSA contest at courts in the men's division. Good Start of the Season!!!

here's a recent photo of Kylen, taken by Ryan Foley !!

Team Drift

this past weekend team Drift Surf competed in the Hawaii Noseriding Championship 2010. The team was made up of Genki Kino, Kaito Kino, Takako Kino, Geoff Wong, and Derek Wong. Together they collected the most time on the nose (hang 5/ hang 10) to take home 1st place!!! Great job to Kaito who WON his stacked division and also to Takako who WON the womens division!!!