Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Sale!!!!

New Drift Original Shortboards starting from $440 with Shapers such as Mike Woo, Dennis Pang, Mitsu, Brice, Tore, CK, Tatsuno, Pyzel
New Drift Original Longboards starting from $700 with Shapers such as Mitsu, Vesso, Takayama, Joel Tudor

Drift Original T-shirts are all $10!!

50% Off Spy Sunglasses

25% off all accessories including
Nixon watches,
Vonzipper Sunglasses,
Matuse wetsuits,
Rainbow Sandals,
Oneill Wetsuits and boardshorts,
Creatures of Leisure,
FCS Fins,
Future Fin,
Island Fin Design,
Ratio Fins,
Surfing DVD's,
Livity Clothing,
Peter Grim Hats,
Carver Skateboards
and many more!!!

Come and check us out! Sale is only on Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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